RingerDrop Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service really free?

It is free to upload and send ringtones from our site. However, keep in mind that you may be charged by your carrier for the free text messages sent from this site. Additionally, you may be charged data fees for accessing the ringtones from this site. This all varies carrier to carrier, around the world, so please check with your wireless provider for your text messaging and data plan details.

What types of ringtones do you support?

We should be compatible with every type of ringtone, from midi, to wav, to nokia, to mp3. For complete details on the types of files, and ringtones supported please see the supported file types page.

What do I do if my phone carrier is not on your list?

No worries! You can always select the "I'm Outside The USA" option. This option is different as it will not send you a text message with a link to your ringtone, so please note the URL on the confirmation page and visit the URL directly from your phone.

What types of phones are supported?

Pretty much every type of phone should be compatible with our site as long as you have data coverage and a mobile web browser. Unfortunately RingerDrop doesn't work with the iPhone, since you can't save files on the iPhone.

Do you sell my number? Am I going to receive spam on my phone?

RingerDrop does not give our or sell any numbers collected through the site. Numbers are only used to send text messages with your ringtone link. We promise.

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